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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Engineering and Technology Management

About the course

Information technology is changing so quickly that we must provide accelerated responses to clients to determine product value and usability and be able to modify our approach when the product does not deliver to business highest value. Agile project management seeks to leverage self-governed teams that deliver incremental changes on iterative, short timelines. This delivery of incremental software changes on short timelines allows the clients to provide faster feedback allowing delivery teams to modify their product development approach resulting in greater client satisfaction with final product delivered. The Agile project management process class informs students on the Agile processes as well as providing students with an opportunity to work on an Agile project.

Instructor Bio

Marie Deschene, PMP, OCP, Ph.D., brings decades of experience in the medical field, information technology, and cybersecurity to the ETM program. She has worked for companies such as Microsoft and Oracle in large software development teams and has focused on quality and cybersecurity during her Ph.D. studies. Marie is a seasoned instructor of project management approaches and cybersecurity concepts.

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