ETM welcomes new director

Washington State University’s Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture (VCEA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Luna Magpili as the new director of the Engineering and Technology Management (ETM) department.

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Dr. Alice Squires named Wendell J. Satre Distinguished Professor

Alice Squires has been named the Wendell J. Satre Distinguished Professor in WSU’s Engineering Technology Management (ETM) program. Supported by the professorship, she will serve as the program’s graduate studies committee chair, leading efforts to refresh its core competencies. “Alice has a long history of industry engagement and leadership,” said Todd Vanek, the program’s director. […]

Help your instructors better serve you by completing your course evaluations by December 14

Student evaluations offer a great source of insight for instructors and administrators. Your feedback is invaluable and can serve as a foundation for revising a course. Let your instructors know which elements of a course or their teaching you found helpful to your learning process. Your evaluations are anonymous, and instructors do not see them […]

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ASWSU Global Technology Reimbursement Program

Global Campus students need adequate technology to successfully reach their academic goals. The Technology Reimbursement program will reimburse qualifying students to help with the cost of upgrading or purchasing necessary tools for improved participation in the Global Campus. Students do not need to be full time to apply for this reimbursement. Most part time and full time students are eligible. This reimbursement is made […]

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ETM faculty, Alice Squires, speaks at Cornell University’s Fall 2018 Ezra Roundtable Seminar Series

In Pursuit of Peace: Systems Science, Systems Engineering, and World Peace Watch Live or Later  Friday, August 31, 2018 12:15 PM The value of a systems-based approach for solving the global problems of today is sometimes lost in translation beyond the boundary of the systems engineering community. However, tomorrow’s systems are increasingly more adaptable, robust, […]

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VCEA Lanning Lecture: Bringing VR Experiences to the World

VCEA Lanning Invited Lecture Bringing VR Experiences to the World: A Journey from WSU to Silicon Valley Thursday, April 5, 2018, 3:10 p.m.   Jay and Uma Jayaram, former WSU professors, will return to campus to present the Lanning Lecture for the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture (VCEA) at 3:10 p.m. on April 5. The Jayarams will […]

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