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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Engineering and Technology Management

Engineering and Tecnhology Managment Student Final Projects


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The following is a searchable table of past E M 702 student projects.

E M 702 Projects

    Becerra, Juan C.Fall2016Scheduling and Planning Methodology for Support Shop
    Palmer, Scott A.Fall2016Implementation of Lean Six-Sigma for Nutraceutical Research and Development
    Taylor, Anthony R. Fall2016Data Center Consolidation
    Babiker, MohammedSpring2016Green Wayira Solar powered water stations
    Bishop, PaulFall2015Development of a Localized Risk Tool for Natural Disaster and Climate Change Impacts in the Philippines
    Garcia , Julie M.Spring2015Virtual Project Management in Microsoft Access 2007
    Vu, Phoebe L.Spring2015Autoclave Installation project
    Coffman, James LSpring2015Facilitating Change Management in the Public Sector, A Case Study
    Webster, RyanSpring2015A Six Sigma Approach to the Reduction of ID Lines in Seamless 5052 Aluminum Tubing
    Rottler, Dan BoydFall2014Evaluation of Wind Maintenance Services
    Arrieta, Yoni E.Fall2014Supply Chain Solutions for the Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Industry
    Bowers, Scott T.Spring2014Transforming Build Integration at Boeing Through the Application of T.O.C.A.T.P.
    Baber, Brian S.Spring2014Airplane Maintenance Engineering -Organizational Re-Structure Strategy
    Peterson, Casey M.Spring2014How to Win Consruction Jobs in a Down Economy: With Case Study
    Gaul, MichaelSpring2014ARMING CLINICIANS Creating a Culture of Service to Deliver Patient-Centric Technologies in Rural Healthcare
    Shyne, KarenFall2013How Theory of Constraints, Modeling, and Predictive Methodologies Enable More Effective Risk Management
    Guy, Teresa A.Spring2013Organizational Expansion at Warp Speed - A constraints-based resource training strategy
    Bonatsos, SpyridonSpring2013TOC Replenishment Solution at Vivartia (Cyprus)
    Stebbins, RobinSpring2013Continuous Improvement Project Structure
    Trimble, Ty VanSpring2013Alternative Energy Analysis - A comparative investigation of the various forms of alternative energy, their benefits over traditional energy sources, and their application in business
    Gideon, KatherineSpring2013Lessons Learned in Managing Internal Research and Development Projects: A Case Study of Althernative Measurement of Air Space in Lung Tissue
    Njau, Redempta P.Fall2012Process Improvement and Effectiveness in Software Project Management Using Agile Process
    McDonagh, Gary M.Fall2012Sustaining Clean Water
    Firoozi , AndreSpring2012Keeping EPlan Application Up-to-Date
    Fiedler , Gina G.Spring2012Enigmatic Anomalies a.k.a. Female Engineers
    Hyson, Ricky D.Spring2012A Systems Approach to Organizational Learning Through the Contractor Assurance System
    Olso, Robert E. Fall2011Converting Customer Need into an Optimized Project Scope
    Malagon, MauricioFall2011Caribbean Liquid Sugar - Fair Trade
    Thompson, MarshallFall2011The Effect of Water Meter Accuracy on Distribution System Leakage Stand Determination in the City of Spokane Water System
    Cherf, Rick W.Fall2011New Roles and Responsibilities in Preconstruction Services
    Willett, Jesse A.Fall2011Kingwood Technology Transfer Project using Visual Project Management
    Olson, Robert E. Fall2011Converting Customer Need into an Optimized Project Scope
    Adam, Mohamed Summer2011Quality and Process Improvement in Technical Orgainzations: A Case Study
    Price, Jared L.Spring2011Critical Chain Project Management Capability Matruity Model
    Watson, Laura White Spring2011Successfully Managing Projects in the Federal Government: A Guide to Better Project Management
    Birmingham, BrianSpring2011Lean Product Development Process
    Muhinja, AnthonySpring2011TOC and Configuration Change Management in Data Center Labs
    Mollahan, Thomas J.Spring2011Human Capital and Small Business Volatility
    Mathews, Caroline E.Spring2011Designing and Evaluation ?State Systems of Accounting for and control of Nuclear Material? (SSACs) Using System Engineering Principles
    Palla, Sukender ReddyFall2010Strategy of a Start-up: Gold?s Gym in India
    Ma, Marlena L.Spring2010Audit of Boston Scientific Cardiac Rhythm Management group and apply Operations Management principles and Theory of Constraints to the organization and project management
    Calloway, Maurice L.Spring2010Implementing the ballanced scorecard to translate information Technology priorities into specific Objectives and Measuable Targets
    Vaux, James S.Spring2010Conflict Resolution in Construction Management
    Kirori, Mathew M.Fall2009Information Technology (IT) Operational Assessment
    Silver, David JasonFall2008Creating Effective Performance and Change in an Engineering Organization
    Hays, BrianFall2008Quality Productrs Through Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)
    Shoemaker, Stephen A.Fall2008Optimization of Subcontract Award Fee Administration
    Wilson, Steven R. Fall2008Countering the Trend of Declining Enrollment in Electronics Engineering Technology Education at Spokane Community College.
    Vermeers, Danna JoFall2008Bandon - Rogue Insulator Replacement Project
    Silkroski, David A.Spring2008Application of Critical Path Project Management to a DOD Test Program
    Eggert, Joseph B.Spring2008Making CCPM The Way of Doing Business
    Sveum, Dana J.Spring2008Skagit Valley Engineering Consultants A Comprehensive Business Plan
    Pasquarella, Marcia L.Fall2007An audit of the implementation of Critical Chain Project Management in a Multi-project Environment
    Thompson, Darren J.Fall2007Requirements Management Recommendations for Effective Organization Strategy
    Funk, GregFall2007Risk, Opportunity, and Success Addressing and Balancding Multiple Factors Crucial to the Success of a Project Managementy System Deployed to Support Multi-lateral Decommissioning Progreams
    Josephson, LindaFall2007Two Cases of Improvement Concepts Applied to Small Manufacturing as a Consultant
    Dunlap, Brennan JohnFall2006Boeing 787 Final Assembly and Delivery Metrics
    Monroe (Nelson), Claudia BFall2006Crossing the Chasm: The Challenges Facing a Small Business
    Thoennes, MikeFall2006Global Sourcing Evolution at Warn Industries
    Faulkenberry, Michael J.Fall2006Development Plan for Battery Replacement of Gas Meter Encoder Receiver Transmitters (ERTs)
    Blaylock , JenniferFall2006Changing Business Practices: Analysis of Modifying Avista?s Natural Gas Service Work
    Van Overstraeten, Gregory A.Spring2006Long Term Requirements Management
    Swope, Kenneth A.Spring2006Managing Large Integrated Assembly Operations of Commercial airframes Utilizing Theory of Constraints
    Dicken, LindaFall2005The New Piper Aircraft: Past, Present?and Future?
    Stark (Fairchild), Sheila R.Fall2005CMMI Implementation on a Boeing Military Program During the Demonstration Portion of its Life cycle
    Goodwin, Michael J.Fall2005Breaking the Bottleneck; Enhancing Throughput in a Paper Mill
    Luechapattanaporn , Kunchalee Summer2005Quality Improvement of Sterilized Egg Production
    Sarver, Darren R. Spring2005Engineering Management Case Study of Auburn Machining's Strategy
    Baird, Brian H.Spring2005Creating an Exceptional Divestiture Process
    Lefrandt, Richard K.Spring2005Applying Marketing TOC Way to Wireless Equipment Vendor
    George, Nancy J.Spring2005Accelerating the Integrated Manufacturing Plan
    King, CurtisSpring2005Within a Titanium Seamless Tube Manufacturing Plant
    Weisbeck, Robert S.Spring2005Process Improvement,MObile Dispatch, South Operating Division of Avista Corporation
    Scott, Raymond WFall2004Reducing Flow Time and Cost in Aircraft Manufacturing
    Decker, Paul A.Spring2004Bill of Material STrategy For Connexion by Boeing sm
    OLSON, CRAIG S Spring2004Information Technology Sourcing Strategies
    Onagoruwa , Seyi L. Spring2004Project Management and System Engineering of Filament/Feedstock Development for Fuysed Desposition Modeling FDM
    Gray, Brian L. Spring2003Defining and Improving Dedicated CADCAM Support
    Lonkar, Mangala R.Spring2003In Search of Team Excellence - A TOC approach
    Lovelace, Shan B.Spring2003Improving the Digital Pre-Assembly Process
    Lindsay, Charles GrantSpring2003Strategy7 Creation Using the Theory of Constraints Think Process
    Chambers, Peter V.Spring2003A Theory of Constraints and Six-Sigma Application to improve Operating Cost Reduction Performance
    Kanchanavaleerat, EunchongSpring2003Strategic Audit of Technology & Innovation of Saint-Gobain Crystals & Detectors at Washougal, Washington
    Boyles, Mamie MSpring2003Application of Critical Chain Project Management And appropriate performance measures
    Henderson, Russell C.Spring2003Project Selection and Development: Pearson Packaging Systems
    Sowa, Michael (Donald) Fall2002Software reuse: "The Myth"
    McIntosh, Robert J.Fall2002Evaluation of the Use of TOC Critical Chain Project Management Scheduling in the Boeing Commercial Structural Loads group
    Do, Aimee G.Fall2002An Aviation Enterprise Resource Plannin g Solution Maintenance Planning, Tracking and Inventory
    Hubbard, Robert A.Fall2002Modeling of automated tester capacity for use in determining requirements for new testers
    Johnson, Travis C.Fall2002Analysis of an Internal/External Distribution System for The Boeing Company
    Ahsmann , Christopher EdwardFall2002Software reuse: "The Myth"
    Gallo, Jason W.Fall2002 A Telecommunity Business Case, November 2002
    Brumbaugh, Kathleen M.Spring2002Critical Evaluation of the Use of Engagement Process at The Boeing Company to Solve Engineering Utilization Issues
    Hildebrand, KarenSpring2002Modified Parametric Manpower Forecasting
    Martuch, PaulSpring2002Risk Management in the Design Phases of Aircraft Modifications
    Mortensen, Wayne A.Spring2002 "Application of the Theory of Constraints Supply Chain Solutions to the Product Cost Improvement Process"
    Wallace, Bruce E.Spring2002People Engaged Management System
    Fox, Brian D.Spring2002Process for Designing the Hydraulic Power Generation System of a Commercial Aircraft Using Systems Engineering Principles
    Carroll, DavidSpring2002A transition in Environmental Management at Battelle?s Pacific NOrthwsest Division
    Bergan, Gary F.Fall2001Delivery of maintenance Training labs and Classrooms to a Military installation
    Zielinski, EdwardFall2001Strategic Development of Measures: How to Develop Meaningful Measures that Cause Desired Behaviours
    Wipp, Martin J. Fall2001Reducing Turnover in Technical Organizations
    Collisson, Christopher GFall2001The Effect of Subsidies on New Airplane Development
    Bradley, Sam E.Fall2001Knowledge Management in the Regional Business Center, Northwestern Division, US Army Corps of Engineers
    Rashid, Masud Saeed Fall2001Lessons Learned: Best Know Method, A knowledge Transfer Methodology in Project Organization
    Powers, James W.Summer2001Making an Engineering Offload Work
    Whittington, Robert L.Summer2001Making an Engineering Offload Work
    Younie, Mark L.Spring2001An Approach to Successful Collaborative Outsourcing In the Aerospace Industry
    Billiard, Phillip AllanSpring2001Simulation in a Shared Resource Environment
    Miyamoto, Nyle T.Spring2001Project Prioritisation Analysis (ppA) Method
    Pavek, John G.Spring2001Boeing Commercial Airlines: Customer Engineering - A Case Study of Organisations issues and Recommendations for Improvements
    Robinson, Julia T.Spring2001Role of Senior Tech Fellow in a Functional Engineering Organizatio
    Stucki, Jeffrey A.Spring2001Managing for Suppliers Value in Product Development
    Von Scheliha, (Walter) KentSpring2001Implementing Discretionary Change in the Wing Responsibility Center
    Anderson, Michael R.Spring2001Cost and Risk Sharing on the JSF Program: A model for supplier cultivation and integration
    Cooley, Kevin L.Spring2001Developing CH2M Hill's PMDF: An Employee-driven Competency-based Development Framework for Project Management
    Fahland, JessSpring2001From lean to agile: software development's role in providing the organization opportunities for new strategies- a risk assessment
    Miller, John E. Fall2000Reductions in Receiving Inspection Testing Based on Closed Loop Testing Processes
    Hartman, Gerald (Jerry)Fall2000Sustaining the long-term health of the Configuration Development Process
    Furbeck, Rees (Warren)Fall2000Application of Critical Chain Project Management in a Multiple Program Product Development
    Hansen, Morten LauFall2000Integrating the Supply Chain with In Flight Entertainment Certification
    Schulz, MichaelSpring2000Strategic Planning for Agility Using Digital Manufacturing Tools
    Dickson, John C.Spring2000Developing a Continuous Improvement Plan for A Boeing Fabrication and Assembly Centre
    Herzberg, Gregory L.Spring2000Constraints Management based education, knowledge, and information
    Poel, RichardSpring2000Appyling Theory of Constraints to the Design of Military Aircraft
    Finch, SavithaSpring2000Organizational Change - Implementing and Managing it Effectively
    Repenn, RyanSpring2000The Price and Offerability Process: A competitive Advantage -- A 777 Example
    Petersen, Jason P. (Jake)Spring2000Applied Design For Manufacturability
    Boler, Michael L.Spring2000Industrial Engineering ? Organizational Development and Management
    Harris, Danette L.Spring2000Quantitative Risk Analysis using an Integrated Product Team
    Wilson, Kirsten Spring2000Understanding How Weather Affects Facility Energy Consumption
    Johnson, Josh RobertSpring2000Application of the Balanced Scorecard Approach to Performance Management at Reynolds metals Company's Longview Reduction Plant
    Russell, James C.Fall1999Federated Business Model for Boeing R&D in the Next Decade
    Gessner, Richard J.Fall1999The Conflict Behind Engineering Process Improvement
    Turner, Bruce BlaineFall1999Performance Measurements for Small Engineering Design Firms
    Tena, Raymundo M.Summer1999Introduction of Training and Certification Modules into Proposed Distributed Learning System
    Thompson, Thomas M.Summer1999Team Project: Implementing Initiatives that Increase Shareholder Value
    VanderWel, Michael M.Summer1999Team Project: Implementing Initiatives that Increase Shareholder Value
    Berg, Steve DewayneSummer1999Definition of Multimedia Network Architecture for Distributed Business Communication
    Mutter, RichardSummer1999Definition of Multimedia Network Architecture for Distributed Business Communication
    Gulczynski , John RaymondSpring1999Implementing an Engineering Parametric Estimating Methodology
    Dungan, John H.Spring1999The application of design for manufacturability principles to a multi-chip module product line
    Wagoner, Michael T.Spring1999Continuous Improvement in a Captive Shop Environment
    Kinney, (James) DanSpring1999Management of Competing Organizations within a Single Corporation
    Waugh, GregorySpring1999Developing an Engineer for Product Development
    Peterson, John G. Spring1999Moving Assembly Processes
    Webber, Richard J.Spring1999Increasing Manufacturing Throughput Using Theory of Constraints
    Hartvickson, Derek A.Fall1998Development of a Weight Rixk Management Tool Using the Monte Carlo Method
    Kalan, Terri E.Fall1998Systems Architecture for Skill Teams: A Tool Engineering Study
    Wight, Leland A.Spring1998The Cost of Stealth
    Cossano, Daniel P.Spring1998Boeing Matrix organization Structure Audit - Functional organizations vs. Intgegrated project Teams (IPTs) and their relationships
    Leisy, Richard A.Spring1998Reward Systems, Linking Pay and Performance
    Ytsma, Theodore A.Spring1998Managing Technology for Strategic Breakthroughs
    Logsdon, David HerdnonSpring1998Study of Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Pollution Prevention Project
    Welnick, Richard JohnSpring1998Integrated Product Teams: The impact on working relationships with suppliers
    Snyder, David G.Spring1998Reduction of Tooling Fabrication Flow Time Using Theory of Constraints
    Cappa, James O.Spring1998Boeing Matrix organization Structure Audit - Functional organizations vs. Intgegrated project Teams (IPTs) and their relationships
    Lemons, Steven J.Spring1998Statistical Sampling of fastener Mechanical Testing
    Robisch, Dan GwytherSpring1998A Current analysis of Wagstaff's Quality System Using ISO 9001 and TQM Principles
    Rhoads, Jerral E.Spring1998The Design and Creation of KC Help a Non-profit Serviuces's Design and Creation Using concepts from World Class Manufacturers
    Gelston, GariannSpring1998Integrating Science and Business: An Engineering Management Approach to Research Projects
    Creek, Clayton L.Spring1998Managing the Growth of An engineered Product Business Unit Using the Theory of Constraints
    Koehler, John F.Summer1997Theory of Constraints Application to Telecommunications Provisioning Performance at GST Telecom, Inc.
    Nguyen, Tu DinhSpring1997Integrate Theory of Constraints with Software Engineering Institute/Capability Maturity Model
    Bengeult , Greg Alan Fall1996Project Scheduling and Conrol; A theory of Constraints Approach
    Porter, Charles R.Fall1996Interfunctional Research Project Implementation
    Arslanian, John H.Spring1994Safety Culture at Kaiser Engineers Hanford Company