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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Engineering and Technology Management

E M 522 Leading People and Organizations

Course Description

Leading People and Organizations is an industry-relevant course that teaches students how to be effective and successful leaders and managers in today’s global business environment. The course follows a framework which consists of 1) managing self, 2) managing others, 3) managing organizational systems, and 4) developing leadership competencies. The course covers effective approaches for addressing real-world leadership and management challenges and provides the students with theory, principles, methods, and tools for advancing their personal mastery in leadership and management. The course applies an interdisciplinary approach to cover relevant topics that include developing and managing employees and teams; developing and executing vision and strategy; instilling a positive organizational culture; and leading meaningful change. The course also enables students to develop personal leadership competencies through a process of reflection and self-assessment using relevant instruments. This course is the core Managing Organizations and People course in the ETM master’s degree and is available for continuing education.

Course Objectives

This course addresses both management and leadership principles in addition to, concepts for the development of leadership competencies essential to managing self, others, and organizational systems. The course objectives are:

  • To provide industry relevant experiences for leading and managing self, teams, departments, and organizational systems.
  • To enable students to advance proficiency and effectiveness in leadership competencies based on their current level of knowledge and experience.
  • To provide contemporary practice of the functions of management for effectively handling complex challenges in today’s dynamic business environment.
  • To provide management and leadership frameworks that drive strong business performance.
  • To create opportunities for students to identify and evaluate emerging business trends and their impact on organizational effectiveness.
  • To enable students to clarify, improve and broaden their own personal philosophy of business and ethics.

Learning Outcomes

Upon satisfactory completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Implement key principles and practices of management in technical organizations to drive strong business performance in an ever-changing, competitive environment.
  • Use a deepened understanding of organizational behavior and emerging management trends to develop and implement effective leadership practices.
  • Apply a global mindset and a thorough understanding of business environment and culture to strengthen an organization’s competitive advantage.
  • Lead problem-solving initiatives to develop and implement effective solutions to management challenges.
  • Apply effective self-assessment, lessons learned and research to continually evolve as a manager and leader.


Faculty Contact: Kay Bachman (
Semester Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None

This course can be used to fulfill the following requirements:

Course Topics

  • Leadership styles, competencies, and traits of successful managers
  • Personal leadership development
  • Organizing and coordinating
  • Setting goals and achieving them successfully
  • Leading through conflict and change
  • Motivate and inspire others
  • Managing time and stress
  • Advantages of diversity in the workplace
  • Leadership in a global environment
  • Ethics and Responsibilities
  • Problem solving, decision making and creativity
  • Performance appraisal and encouraging employee development