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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Engineering and Technology Management

E M 702 Options

**Discontinued after Fall 2017**

(replaced by E M 701)
To receive a master’s degree in the ETM program, students must complete a minimum of 10 courses (30 credits), plus either take a comprehensive examination (E M 702 Option 1) or complete a project (E M 702 Option 2).

E M 702 Master’s Special Problems, Directed Study and/or Examination

(2-4 semester credits; by arrangement only)
Two credits of E M 702 are required the final semester.

Option 1: Comprehensive Examination

This written examination is taken during your final semester in the program. Questions will cover material from core requirements, but responses should reflect an integrated approach. This option, however, is not available to all students and individuals should consult with their academic advisor. Note: It cannot be taken in conjunction with any transfer semester credits.
» Download Comprehensive Examination Guidelines

Option II: Project

This non-thesis written project and oral presentation will showcase student learning and skills. The multidisciplinary nature of engineering management education is significantly addressed as students form teams to research on-the-job solutions. The project allows students to synthesize their knowledge and understanding. To be taken final two semesters. Please note, the final semester for the project option may NOT be taken during summer term.
» Download Project Guidelines

Helpful Resources

E M 702 Introduction

The video and PowerPoint slides below should be viewed together. They will provide background on the E M 702 comprehensive exam and project options.


Students in the program are bound by the WSU Graduate School Policies and Procedures as well as those of the ETM program. Please familiarize yourself with the WSU Graduate School policies and procedures.

Read WSU’s 702 Policy.