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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Engineering and Technology Management

A Digital-Age Project Management Program
for Project Professionals


Is your company or industry experiencing digital transformation? If so, this is the course that will position you for long term project success.


Project Management in Digital Environments requires an extensive set of agile and adaptive skills and competencies for accelerated project delivery. This course will prepare you to understand, interpret, and apply key principles of project management for implementing digital products and services or incorporating them into your company’s operations. Join this course and you will be able to:

  • Recognize the unique value and benefits of project management, including the role and responsibilities expected of you for completing successful projects in a cross-functional digital environment.
  • Gather, define, and document project decisions, exceptions, specifications and assumptions based on scope, schedule and cost for your projects.
  • Interpret and differentiate various tools and adaptable approaches for multi-disciplinary project delivery that you can apply in your organization directly.
  • Use relevant quantitative and qualitative analytical approaches to understand issues, enable you to suggest solutions, and support data driven decision making during a project.
  • Develop and apply project leadership competencies that will contribute to your effectiveness when dealing with disruptive technologies and overcoming challenges.

See what the PMI is saying about digital project management skills.

To register for the course, you must be admitted to WSU as a degree or non-degree student.

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