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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Engineering and Technology Management

Make it in Washington Scholarship Program

**Notice: Tuition/scholarships end Fall 2017**


The Make it in America Challenge is a $20.5 million federal initiative providing the resources and education to help U.S. companies expand their domestic operations and build a highly skilled workforce. Nine states (10 projects) were awarded MiiA funds in 2013, including Washington state.

The Make it in Washington (MiiW) initiative provides technical assistance, resources, and advanced education and training to small and midsized manufacturers in eligible Washington counties. The goal of MiiW is to increase manufacturing capacity, strengthen supply chains, attract investment, and create new opportunities for businesses and individuals. See the Workforce Training & Education Coordinating Board website for more details.

Educational Opportunities

The professional-level Engineering and Technology Management (ETM) certificate program equips employees with high-level skills to advance in their careers and helps companies become more competitive, grow, and expand their markets. Eligible students (both incumbent and potential employees) receive tuition-waived enrollment in courses listed below or can choose to earn one of the certificates listed below that require four specific courses. MiiW Certificate Course Schedule (PDF)

Course credits earned for a certificate may also apply to a master’s degree in the ETM Program or other graduate degree programs if the student is later admitted to a full degree program.

Graduate CertificatesUndergraduate Certificates
Four courses (12 credit hours) required for each certificate.
Constraints Management (PDF)Manufacturing Leadership (PDF)
Logistics and Supply Chain Management (PDF)Project Management (PDF)
Manufacturing Leadership (PDF)Six Sigma Quality Management (PDF)
Project Management (PDF)
Six Sigma Quality Management (PDF)

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Benefits of Engineering and Technology Management

Helping businesses grow (PDF)

Helping employees succeed (PDF)