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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Engineering and Technology Management

Make it in Washington Scholarship Program

**Notice: Tuition/scholarships ended Fall 2017**


The Engineering and Technology Management (ETM) program is proud to have participated in the Make it in America Challenge, a $20.5 million federal initiative that provided resources and education to U.S. companies to expand their domestic operations and build a highly skilled workforce. Nine states (10 projects) were awarded MiiA funds in 2013, including Washington State, which aptly renamed their award “Make it in Washington” (MiiW).

The grant provided technical assistance, resources, and advanced education to small and midsized manufacturers in eligible Washington counties.  As a partner in the education portion of this project, ETM offered its professional-level certificate program, which is designed to equip employees with high-level knowledge and skills to advance in their careers and help their companies become more competitive, grow, and expand their markets.

The first MiiW students enrolled in the fall of 2014, and over the next three years 78 employees from 39 companies in 16 rural counties enrolled in the WSU ETM program.  To earn one of the 5 certificates offered, students had to successfully complete four designated courses for a total of 12 credits. Over the life of the grant, there were 47 graduate and undergraduate certificates and 233 individual course certificates awarded.

The results for these students were promotions, salary increases, and added responsibility job offers, along with the satisfaction that they completed what they set out to do, many of whom had never thought of continuing their education.  Their employers have gained from the newly learned knowledge of their employees leading to better project management, increased profits, optimization of manufacturing practices and performance, and improved logistics and supply chain management.

Perhaps what makes this program unique, and the experience unmatched, is that our students continually respond “what I learned in class last night, I applied to my job the next day.”  The MiiW grant has ended, but ETM is still here – ready to help you and your company succeed, grow, and save capital.

The ETM program at Washington State University was just one partner in this grant. For more information visit

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