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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Engineering and Technology Management

New and Upcoming Courses

Students learn to improve safety and productivity by design in a new E M course.


ETM is offering E M 587 in Spring 2017 that focuses on improving safety and productivity by design. You can find more information about the course below.

Course Name

Managing Work Design for Safety and Productivity


David Paulus (

3 Semester Credits, no prerequisites

Course Description and Objectives:

Managing Work Design for Safety and Productivity provides an integrated approach to time-and-motion studies, human factors, and ergonomics to design work that simultaneously improves both productivity and safety.  This course teaches sound engineering methods using realistic standards to optimize work design.

Course Topics
  • Plant Layout
  • Manual Work Design / Motion study
  • Anthropometry and Cumulative Trauma Disorders
  • Work Environment: Illumination, Noise, Temperature, Ventilation, Vibration
  • Human Factors: Human-Computer Interactions
  • Visual & Auditory Displays and Processing
  • Risk, Reliability, Hazard Control, and OSHA
  • Time Studies
  • Performance Ratings and Allowances
  • Machine and Operator Standard Times (new and existing jobs)
  • Indirect and Expense Labor Standards
  • Wage Payment
  • Management, Employee Motivation, and Human Interactions


Niebel’s Methods, Standards, and Work Design, 13th Edition, Andris Freivalds


Exam 1: 33% Exam 2: 33% Final Exam: 34%