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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Engineering and Technology Management

Required Textbooks

Spring 2021

ISBN-13 (978-)
Textbook TitlePublisherAuthorEditionProfessor
E M 501 Management of Organizations Bachman
1260028782Supervision: Concepts and Skill-BuildingMcGraw-HillCerto10th2019
1536611694First Break All the Rules. What the World’s Greatest Managers Do DifferentlyGallupBuckingham & CoffmanNA2017
E M 505 Financial ManagementSquires
0073523439Engineering Economy
McGraw-Hill Blank & Tarquin8th2018
E M 526 Constraints ManagementScheinkopf
0071665544Theory of Constraints Handbook McGraw-Hill Cox & Schleier1st2010
0884271956The GoalNorth River PressGoldratt3rd2012
0884271154It's Not LuckNorth River PressGoldratt1st1994
0884271895The ChoiceNorth River PressGoldratt1st2008
E M 540 Operations Research for ManagersMagpili
0133507331Quantitative Analysis for Management PearsonRender et al.12th2014
E M 565 Introduction to Systems ManagementGray
0470129333Essentials of Project and Systems Engineering ManagementWileyEisner3rd2011
E M 567 Systems Supportability and Logistics ManagementGray
0131429154Logistics Engineering and ManagementPearson Blanchard6th2003
E M 568 Risk Assessment and Management Magpili
1606505304Operational Risk ManagementMomentum PressPinto & Magpili1st2015
E M 580 Quality Control and ReliabilityPaulus
1118146811 Introduction to Statistical Quality ControlWileyMontgomery7th2012
E M 590 Leading Design and Innovation Paulus
1604271157 Harvard Business Review's 10 Must Reads on InnovationHBR PressDrucker et al.1st2013
E M 591 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation in Engineering Pricco
1259539060Strategic Management of Technological InnovationMcGraw-HillSchilling5th2017