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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Engineering and Technology Management

Required Textbooks

Summer 2017


ISBN-13Textbook TitlePublisherAuthorEditionProfessor
E M 566 Systems Engineering Analysis and Practice Squires
Req0132217354Systems Engineering and AnalysisPearson Prentice HallBlanchard and Fabrycky5th2011
E M 567 System Supportability and Logistics ManagementGray
Req0131429159Logistics Engineering and ManagementPearsonBlanchard6th2003
E M 580 Quality Control and Reliability
Introduction to Statistical Quality ControlWileyMontgomery7th2012


Fall 2017


Course /
Text Required
or Optional
ISBN-13Textbook TitlePublisherAuthorEditionProfessor /
E M 508 Legal Concepts for Engineering and Technology ManagersCrick
Req1285185248Business Law: Text and CasesCengage LearningClarkson, Miller, & Cross13th2015
E M 4/522 Leadership, Supervision, and ManagementPricco
Req0077720612Supervision: Concepts and Skill BuildingRichard D. Irwin Inc.Certo9th 2015
E M 4/526 Constraints ManagementJohnson
Req0884271153It's Not Luck
North River PressGoldratt1994
Req0873897235The Logical Thinking Process: A Systems Approach to Complex Problem Solving ASQC Quality PressDettmer2007
Req0884271895The ChoiceNorth River Press
E M 4/530 Applications of Constraints ManagementJohnson
Req0884271789The GoalNorth River PressGoldratt & Cox3rd2004
Req0884271536Critical ChainNorth River PressGoldratt2002
Req0884271925Isn't It Obvious?North River PressGoldratt, Eshjoli, & Brownleer2009
Req0884271772The Cash Machine: Using the Theory of Constraints for Sales ManagementNorth River PressKlapholz, & Klarman2004
Opt0884271703Necessary But Not SufficientNorth River PressGoldratt, Schragenheim, & Ptak2000
Opt1574441956Project Management in the Fast Lane: Applying the Theory of ConstraintsSt. Lucie PressNewbold1998
Opt1574442939Manufacturing at Warp Speed: Optimizing Supply Chain Financial PerformanceSt. Lucie PressSchragenheim & Dettmer2000
Opt0884271154It's Not LuckNorth River PressGoldratt1994
Opt0884270621The RaceNorth River PressGoldratt & Fox1986
Opt1580539036Critical Chain Project ManagementArtech House, Inc.Leach2nd2004
Opt1574443585ERP: Tools, Techniques, and Applications for Integrating the Supply ChainSt. Lucie PressPtak & Schragenheim2nd2003
E M 545 Technical Decision MakingSquires
Both the hardcover and the eBook provide access to the required Palisades DecisionTools Suite.
1285950983 (eBook)
Making Hard Decisions with DecisionToolsTerence ReillyClemen3rd2014
E M 4/560 Integrated Supply Chain ManagementMagpili
Req0133800203Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning, and OperationsPearson EducationChopra & Meindl6th2014
E M 4/564 Project ManagementGray
Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling and ControllingWileyKerzner12th2017
E M 568 Risk Assessment and ManagementMagpili
Req1606505304Operational Risk ManagementMomentum PressPinto, Magpili, & Jaradat1st2015
E M 575 Performance Management in Tech OrganizationsSquires
Req0385472562The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook: Strategies and Tools for Building a Learning OrganizationCrown BusinessSenge1st1994
Req0875846514The Balanced Scorecard: Translating Strategy into ActionHarvard Business Review PressNorton1st1996
E M 4/585 Quality Improvement Using Design of ExperimentsPaulus
Req1118146927Design and Analysis of ExperimentsWileyMontgomery8th2012
E M 4/590 Design for Product and Service RealizationsPaulus
Req1878072238Design for Manufacturability and Concurrent EngineeringC I M PrAnderson2010
E M 701 Gray
Req0470183885Case Studies in Project, Program, and Organizational Project ManagementWileyMilosevic, Patanaku, & Srivannaboon2010