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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Engineering and Technology Management

Required Textbooks

Fall 2019

Course /
Text Required
or Optional
(978 prefix)
Textbook TitlePublisherAuthorEditionProfessor /
E M 503 Managing Variability Using StatisticsMagpili
Business Statistics in PracticeMcGraw-HillBowerman et al.7th2014
E M 508 Legal Concepts for Engineering and Technology ManagersCrick
Connected Course book: 1543801422
Business Law: A Graphical Approach Wolters KluwerLawrence HsiehNA2017
E M 522 Leadership, Supervision, and ManagementPricco/Squires
Req0077720612Supervision: Concepts and Skill BuildingMcGraw-HillCerto9th 2015
E M 530 Applications of Constraints ManagementMagpili
Req0884271956The GoalNorth River PressGoldratt & Cox3rd (or any earlier)2004
Req0884271772The Cash Machine: Using the Theory of Constraints for Sales ManagementNorth River PressKlapholz & Klarmann/a2004
Req0884271536Critical ChainNorth River PressGoldratt1st2002
Req0884271925Isn't It ObviousNorth River PressGoldratt et al.n/a2009
E M 560 Integrated Supply Chain ManagementBachman
Req1305859975Supply Chain Management : A Logistics PerspectiveCengageCoyle et al.6th2016
Req0071771214 Building LEAN Supply Chains with the Theory of ConstraintsMcGraw-HillSrinivasan1st2011
E M 564 Project ManagementGray
Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling and ControllingWileyKerzner12th2017
E M 567 System Supportability and Logistics ManagementGray
Req0131429154Logistics Engineering and ManagementPearson Prentice HallBlanchard6th2003
E M 575 Performance Management in Tech OrganizationsSquires
ReqPrint: 0998814087
eText: 0998814094
Performance ManagementChicago Business PressHerman Aguinis4th2019
E M 585 Quality Improvement Using Design of ExperimentsPaulus
Req1118146927Design and Analysis of ExperimentsWileyMontgomery8th2012
E M 587 Managing Human Factors for Safety and ProductivityPaulus
Req0073376363 Niebel’s Methods, Standards, and Work DesignMcGraw-HillFreivalds13th2013
E M 595 (Section 2) Topics in EM: IT Project ManagementBachman
Req1285452340Information Technology Project ManagementCengage Learning Kathy Schwalbe8th2014
E M 701 Magpili
None required.