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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Engineering and Technology Management

System Architecting (E M 569, new Fall 2018)

System Architecting addresses the role of systems architecture and the systems architect, as well as the process, and practical heuristics for developing robust, flexible systems.  The course focuses inside the system solution boundary to develop operational, logical (functional), and physical architectures meeting defined system requirements for customer needs and ultimately provide an optimal system design that addresses a well-defined problem or opportunity. Students will apply architectural principles and practices to the development of a system architecture that will provide insight to the linkages between stakeholder requirements and their translation to system requirements, early architectural decisions, and system deployment, operation and sustainment phases, and associated development, operation and support costs.

Alice Squires has over thirty years of technical and leadership experience. She has held multiple management, leadership, and consulting positions in industry. She is a contributing author and editor to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge ( and the Graduate Reference Curriculum for Systems Engineering ( She is certified by PMI as a Project Management Professional, and by INCOSE as an Expert Systems Engineering Practitioner with Acquisition, and by ASEM as a Professional Engineering Manager. She is a Senior Member of the IEEE, and a Director on the Systems Engineering Division and Corporate Member Council boards of ASEE.



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Important information regarding non-WSU students

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