For those planning to graduate a list of steps to complete are at FALL 2015 graduates – deadline to Apply for Graduate Degree (without incurring a late fee) is Friday, October 9, 2015. If you are defending before October 9, 2015 you must Apply for your Graduate Degree at least 10 working days before your exam.

If you are completing coursework for a certificate you can download the form to apply for a Graduate Certificate at

If you have already applied and you need to re-apply/update to graduate in a different semester, please contact the Graduate School at: and include your name, WSU ID# and the semester for which you need to reapply so we can send you a hard copy to update your Application.

Fall 2015 graduates must successfully defend/pass their final exam on or before: November 25, 2015 (all completed ballot materials must be rec’d by 12/4/15)

You can download a list of Graduate School Deadlines at