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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Engineering and Technology Management

Learning Objectives and Student Outcomes

Objective 1: Provide graduates with current management knowledge and tools for:

  • Communicating with logical, clear, and organized thinking.
    • Outcomes:
      1. Clearly articulate ideas in group settings to a range of audiences
      2. Demonstrate effective writing skills
      3. Demonstrate active listening skills and foster open communication
  • Behaving ethically and professionally in fulfillment of their responsibilities.
    • Outcomes:
      1. Identify and articulate ethical issues
      2. Make decisions consistent with societal and organizational standards
  • Recognizing the need for, and demonstrating a desire for continuous learning.
    • Outcomes:
      1. Anticipate the local and global impact of decisions
      2. Remain current in technological development
      3. Remain cognizant of current issues, local, national, and international.

Objective 2: Provide graduates with the expertise and confidence to assume leadership positions in technical environments by successfully:

  • Managing and working in teams
    • Outcomes:
      1. Provide leadership, motivation, and feedback to team members
      2. Prioritize and identify critical issues
      3. Make relevant contributions to team success
  • Demonstrating problem solving abilities and rational, effective decision making
    • Outcomes:
      1. Identify core issues and problems
      2. Show ability to find innovative solutions
      3. Constructively challenge current assumptions and practices

Objective 3: Increase the graduate’s value to an employer by:

  • Applying the ETM principles learned to real world situations
    • Outcomes:
      1. Create and execute plans in a technical environment
      2. Manage limited resources
      3. Adapt professional life to global environment
  • Demonstrating the ability to understand, analyze, and improve company practices through the use of current technology, analysis, and design
    • Outcomes:
      1. Apply measurement and analytical tools to improve process systems
      2. Apply measurement and analytical tools in increase the quality of products and/or services
      3. Provide leadership, guidance, and assistance to coworkers when implementing changes