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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Engineering and Technology Management

ETM Scholarship Program

The Engineering and Technology Management Program Scholarship is designed to help current METM students complete their studies in the face of financial hardships. Unemployment, loss of employer educational support, and/or major family medical expenses are some examples of challenges METM students have faced during their studies. This scholarship is funded in part by the Wendell J. Satre Endowment and other ETM Development Funds.   

The ETM scholarship provides student tuition assistance for E_M courses, up to 12 credits over one year (August through July). Awardees must maintain good academic standing. The scholarship cannot be used toward E_M 701.  

 Eligibility Requirements   

  • Must be METM degree program student
  • No dual/concurrent enrollment
  • 12 WSU E_M course credits completed, (non-transferred) prior to receiving the award
  • Eligible for enrollment
  • GPA 3.5 or greater
  • Program of Study on record

Application Process  

Interested studentsmust  submit an application online. Applicants are required to submit a statement of need describing their financial hardship and their plan for completing their degree.

 If evidence of the financial hardship is submitted in support of the application, the applicant should remove/black-out any confidential/sensitive/private information (SSN, DOB, account numbers, health/medical information, etc.).  


The application deadline will be April 1st. Award notification(s) will be made by April 30th.  


Questions should be directed to with a subject line of ETM Scholarship.  

Wendell J Satre Endowment

Sources: Spokesman Review, A history of the Washington Water Power Company, Catch the Vision: A Biography of Wendell Satre.

2021 ETM Scholarship Recipients

The ETM program is pleased to announce the 2021 ETM scholarship recipients.

Elijah Christofferson

Elijah is a Marine Inspector at Washington State Ferries, a division of the Washington State Department of Transportation. He is also a US Navy Veteran and Reservist. He started his METM journey in the Spring of 2018, and after a temporary recall to active duty in response to COVID in 2020, he is continuing his studies focused on Quality Management with a projected graduation of Fall 2023.


“This scholarship is exactly what I needed to feel secure about completing the METM program. The knowledge gained in the METM program will give me the self-confidence to move forward in my career knowing that I have the right skills to approach engineering management problems at any level.” -Elijah Christofferson

Thivandi Samaranayake

Thivandi is a Senior Analyst at Dell. Prior to her current position, she was a Systems and Data Analyst at the Boeing Company. She started her METM degree in the summer of 2020 with an interest in risk assessment and management as well as innovative products management. Her projected graduation date is Spring 2022.


“The ETM program at WSU has provided an outstanding learning experience that has helped me stand out as a strong candidate in my workplace among other professionals. This opportunity will continue to tremendously increase my knowledge and outlook to become a leader in managing technology one day.” -Thivandi Samaranayake