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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Engineering and Technology Management

Schedule by Term

Fall 2019

August 19 – December 13, 2019

(Pacific Time)
Course descriptions and syllabi can be found on the Individual Courses page.
5:15-7:45 p.m.E M 575
Alice Squires
E M 508
Rob Crick
E M 503
Luna Magpili
E M 522 (Section I)
John Pricco
E M 560
Kay Bachman
E M 567
Bill Gray
E M 522 (Section II)
Alice Squires
5:15-7:45 p.m.E M 530
Luna Magpili
5:15-7:45 p.m.E M 564
Bill Gray
5:15-7:45 p.m.E M 595
Kay Bachman
6:15-8:45 p.m.E M 585
David Paulus
E M 587
David Paulus
E M 701 – Independent Capstone: First Friday of the semester for orientation, then as needed.


Long-Term Schedule

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