To register for classes in the Engineering and Technology Management program, you must have:

  1. Applied and been admitted to the WSU Graduate School and the program. If you have not completed this step, review ETM’s admission requirements and application procedures.
  2. Created your WSU Network ID (NID) and password, using the WSU number you received upon acceptance by the Graduate School. (This is your unique WSU student number.) If you have not yet created your WSU Network ID, please do so now: Create NID.If you have forgotten your NID and/or password, find NID.

Course Enrollment Maximum

ETM’s graduate level courses have considerable time commitments that include homework and required participatory obligations, in addition to class attendance. Therefore, it is recommended that students who work full-time limit their enrollment to one or two courses per semester to ensure student success. Enrolling in more than 6 credits during any given semester will require approval from ETM’s academic coordinator and the student’s faculty advisor.