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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Engineering and Technology Management

Program Delivery

Convenient and Flexible

All courses are offered online and use an innovative blend of traditional classroom instruction and the latest in video streaming and Web conferencing technologies that allow courses to be delivered live to students anywhere in the world. Innovative program software allows faculty and students to interact with each other online. The convenience and flexibility of the program is ideal for the working professional. Mobile capabilities are also available. Classes are archived and available to review at any time.

Blackboard Collaborate

Engineering and Technology Management (ETM) courses are delivered via the Internet to students worldwide using Blackboard Collaborate.

Blackboard Collaborate gives students real-time, full service videoconferencing capability with the instructor and all students in the class. Students can participate in class discussions through audio, video, and text chat. Spontaneous file sharing is also possible. This software is also used for student presentations and virtual meetings for team projects. Each class is archived and is available for review during the entire semester.

Prior to attending your first class session, please familiarize yourself with the features and capabilities of Blackboard Collaborate.

Technology Requirements

Operating System Requirements

Many courses include course-specific software to help teach certain material (such as statistics software, analytical techniques software, and simulation software). The Microsoft Windows Operating System is the standard system used for all ETM courses. Students must have Microsoft XP (or newer), and be able to install Windows-based software.

Note: Students may use Apple or other operating systems as long as they can emulate Windows XP and transfer their files to others in Windows formats.

Internet Bandwidth Requirements

The ETM program uses Blackboard Collaborate as the primary method of reaching distance students. Blackboard Collaborate is a media-rich Internet tool. Although Blackboard Collaborate can be used with low bandwidth, WSU recommends ETM students have an Internet connection capable of 1.5 Mbps or better for live broadcasts and streaming live video, and to reduce network congestion and minimize audio/video quality problems. You can check your Internet bandwidth with various servers at

Hardware Requirements

Graduate classes are as much about discussion with other graduate students as they are about lectures from faculty. To participate effectively in online classes, students must have a microphone and speakers on their computers. The best audio hardware is a USB headset with earphones and microphone in one unit allowing the student to listen and speak without feedback. If you do not want to use a headset, you can use an echo-cancelling microphone/speaker system instead. It is also highly recommended, although not required, that students have a Webcam so faculty and other students can hear and see them as they ask questions or give a presentation.

Software Requirements

All WSU students have now access to Office 365.  Other course-specific software may be provided by the instructor, provided as part of a textbook, or specifically identified for purchase. The course-specific software will be Windows compatible. Students must be able to load, install, and run course software. Students should be very familiar with Internet searching. WSU Blackboard Learn works best with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari are also acceptable.

All students are visible to each other on the computer screen and can interact in real time. I really appreciated that I could reach WSU faculty during set virtual office hours, and that many professors also answered direct email or took phone questions.”

—Pete Uch, ’13