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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Engineering and Technology Management


ETM students are assigned a faculty advisor during their first semester. Faculty advisors assist with course selection as a student develops their Program of Study (POS). Faculty advisors also help with POS revisions, course content questions, and other professional development and career planning matters. To find out who your faculty advisor is, please contact the ETM program coordinator at

Below are the most commonly used graduate program forms. Each form is completed and signed by the student. Students do not need to obtain any other signatures. Students send their filled out forms to  for final processing and submission to the university.


All the forms listed below can be found on the Graduate School website. Go to ‘Forms’ in the left-hand menu at 


Students should submit their POS by the end of their second class but no later than the completion of 12 credits. Discuss your plan with your faculty advisor and then fill out the POS form at

Note that a pre-requisite to the Managing Variability courses, EM580 or EM585, is an undergraduate level statistics course. If you do not have an undergraduate level statistics course or you wish a refresher in statistics, talk to your adviser to add EM 503 Managing Variability Using Statistics in your POS. EM 503 is taught as an asynchronous course and available every semester starting Fall 2021.


If a student deviates from his/her finalized POS, a Change of Program form must be completed prior to applying for graduation.


Students that are unable to take at least one class for one or more semesters are required to fill out the Graduate Student Leave form at Students who do not complete a Graduate Student Leave form for an absence will have to apply for re-enrollment or reapply to the program depending on the length of absence.

Program of Study planning

Work with your faculty advisor to create an academic plan for your degree. The ETM long term schedule is an important part of that planning and can be found at Please note that the schedule is subject to change but provides a reasonable starting point.

As you plan your POS, consider earning a certificate to accentuate your focus area (e.g., Manufacturing Leadership, Project Management, Systems Engineering Management, etc.). Graduate certificates demonstrate your expertise in a subject area. Be sure to discuss certificate options with your faculty advisor and incorporate the appropriate courses into your POS. The ETM graduate certificates can be viewed at