Choosing a Masters Degree

Master’s in Science vs. MBA vs. METM

General Description Technical skill development in a discipline for a move into research or deeper into a technical career. Core business knowledge development for general business management. Combined technical and business skill development meant for managing and leading engineering/ science/ technical teams, projects, and organizations.
Student Cohort STEM workers requiring more advanced technical skills and credentials. Workers of any educational background (from Arts to Zoology) wanting to move into general business management positions. STEM workers (mostly engineers) moving into positions requiring both advanced technical and management capabilities.
Faculty Engineering and/or science degrees with mostly academic backgrounds. Business with mostly academic backgrounds. Engineering degrees with extensive industry experience.
Representative Courses Rigorous courses within a specific technical discipline (e.g., Advanced Aerodynamics, Continuum Mechanics).
Comprehensive thesis typically required.
Business courses including Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Economics, Organizational Behavior, and Communication.
Capstone project typically required.
Project Management, Systems Engineering, Operations, Research, Quality Control, Constraints Management, Supply chain Management, Finance for Technical Systems, Leadership of People and Organizations, Leading Design and Innovation, Design of Experiments.
Capstone project typically required.
Credit hours Typically 30 to 36 course credits plus thesis. Typically 40+ credits plus capstone project.
Typically 30 credits plus capstone project.
Admission Requirements B.S., GRE, GPA, and references. B.A. or B.S., GMAT, GPA, and references. Bachelors, GPA, Reference, Eng/Tech work experience.

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The Career Challenge

If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else. -Yogi Berra

Where do you imagine yourself in 5 years? Are you thinking of graduate or professional school but finding the whole process a bit intimidating? You are not alone!

There are many factors that can impact the decision to pursue a graduate degree. From finding the right program to securing resources and making personal sacrifices, the decision process is undeniably hard. We have created a checklist to help you make the decision that is right for you.

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The Engineer’s Career Challenge: Master of Engineering and Technology Management or MBA? webinar engaged two practicing Engineering Managers in a discussion about career planning and choosing a master’s degree program.

WSU and EMI Presents the “Early Career Decision,” Master’s Degree Webinar discusses what is the best way for early career technical professionals to prepare for technical management.

MSC: Technical and R&D. METM: Technical Management. MBA: Business Management.

The Engineering Career Coach Podcast provides career advice to engineers of all ages and experience levels. The host of the show, an engineer himself, Jeff Perry, interviews engineers ranging from recent engineering graduates to professionals from top engineering organizations on different career goals and challenges. Topics covered include but are not limited to job search, goal setting, finding a mentor, obtaining the right credentials, communication skills, public speaking, networking, organizational skills, productivity, leadership, and more.

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