ETM Alum Authors Children’s Book

Chadd Kahlsdorf earned his Master’s in Engineering and Technology Management (METM) in 2014.  He is a Principal Project Manager at Bolton & Menk, a Midwest-based infrastructure Engineering firm. Chadd has accomplished many things in his work as a Civil Engineer but he ranks his most recent accomplishment as one of life’s greatest.

Chadd authored Will the Civil Engineer, a children’s book about Chadd’s world of work. Will is the second book in a project at Bolton & Menk to create a children’s book series designed to help young readers learn about the vast world of engineer work. The story is Will’s learning journey about how everything that is built has an engineer and how he can be one. In the book, Will’s dad is a civil engineer and uses math and science to make the world a better place.

Writing a children’s book is near the top of Chadd’s life accomplishments list. He has had many people come up and tell him how much the book means to them, which adds to the feeling of a successful accomplishment. When asked what he might do to top it, he replied “I really think the only thing that would top it would be a trip to space.”

Chadd’s story has been featured in Spring 2021 Washington State Magazine.

Check out Chadd’s LinkedIn article about his book and learn more about the book on Esri Press.CategorizedAnnouncementsNews