E M 530 Applications in Constraints Management

Course Description and Objectives

Every system can be characterized as a chain of interlocking activities or a network of interdependent events. The operation or productivity of such a linkage is limited by its weakest link. The Theory of Constraints provides powerful tools for analyzing such complex networks based, not on the individual links, but on the linkages (the overall system). This course examines physical process flows and the specific proven solutions developed by TOC along with their application to a broad variety of management problems. This course is excellent preparation for the TOCICO Supply Chain Logistics Certification Exam and Project Management Certification Exam.

Semester Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
Faculty Contactetm@wsu.edu
Location: Global Campus

Required for:
Certificate: Constraints Management
Certificate: Supply Chain Management
Selective for:
Certificate: Project Management
Elective for:
Master’s Degree

Course meets at times posted via web conferencing software.

Course Topics

  • The TOC Five Focusing Steps
  • Drum-Buffer-Rope (the TOC solution for production or low variability processes)
  • Simplified Drum-Buffer-Rope (the TOC solution for production processes for large product mix)
  • Critical Chain Project Management (the TOC solution for scheduling high variability tasks in single and multiproject environments)
  • TOC Replenishment (the TOC solution for distribution and sales)
  • TOC Finance and Measures (the TOC alternative to traditional cost accounting)
  • Supply Chain Management (the TOC relationship between individual business units)

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