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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Engineering and Technology Management

James Holt

Professor Emeritus
Washington State University, Pullman
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Visual Project Management prototype software is available at
Desktop or smart phones can use this web based software to allow multiple users to work together on common projects.


Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization (TOCICO)

TOC as applied to Charitable Giving (TOCICO presentation 2018 in Las Vegas) )

Wondering what TOC means? View the Constraints Management Overview

TOCICO Fundamentals Exam Review Seminar Materials

Constraints Management Graduate Certificate 

ETM admission and registration information.

Research and areas of interest

  • Theory of Constraints
  • Critical Chain Project Management
  • Accelerated Replenishment
  • Complex Systems Analysis
  • Simulation
  • Algorithmic Scheduling

Solution to the Engineering Management Dilemma

TOC Solution for Charitable Giving:

James R Holt

Video: Intuition Trainer

You already know how to think. Then why haven’t you solved every problem? There is an answer!

Video: Visual Project Management

This is a Simplified Critical Chain Project Management Approach. So simple, a busy manager can keep up-to-date on a Smart Phone.

Video: The Job Shop Game

Projects are just job shops. The key to fast and predictable delivery with high content quality is Choking the Release.

Video: The Dollar Game

Once system efficiency is the goal, are there other things we can do to get more success out of the same resources?

Video: The Nickel Game

Everyone should try to be as efficient as possible, right? Well, maybe individual efficiency is not the goal of the organization.

Video: The Sixes Game

Ever wonder why projects are so hard to manage? Play the Sixes Game and understand why highly variable tasks and interdependency lead to management behavior full of multi-tasking.