Undeclared Graduate Admission

Accelerated, Two-Step Process

This process is for is an option for students who are late to getting the full admission. To begin taking classes at the beginning of the next term when there is insufficient time for full admission, students may take the two-step approach to admission. Initially, students apply to the Graduate School in the Undeclared Graduate Status category. (You may stay in this category for one calendar year; however, a maximum of six credits will count toward a degree.) This requires only a one-page Graduate School application and a $50.00 application fee (students with non-USA degrees will need to provide official transcripts).

* Note: Some browsers require fillable PDF forms to be downloaded before completing the fields. If you cannot type in the form fields, please try downloading the form to your computer desktop. Please use the online fillable form and do not hand print.

To continue taking courses that will apply to a degree or certificate after six credits or one year, students must re-apply to a regular admission category and submit all application requirements. (Note: You may not stay enrolled in the Undeclared Graduate Student status after one calendar year. The Registrar absolutely will NOT allow you to register until you complete the normal admissions process.) This is more time-consuming of course; hence the two-step approach.


  • International students may not use this admission category unless specifically directed.
  • This category is a limited admission and has restrictions, so should only be used by students who are applying too late for regular admission, have a low undergraduate GPA, or who are sure they only want one or two classes.

Graduate School Application for Admission to Undeclared Graduate Classification

To apply for admission as an Undeclared Graduate, complete the one-page form, and mail it with the $50 application fee to the address on the form. Email a copy to etm@wsu.edu.