ASEM Academic Partnership

American Society for Engineering Management Academic Partner Membership.

If you are a student enrolled in the Engineering and Technology Management (ETM) program, you have the opportunity to join the American Society of Engineering Management (ASEM), a global professional society dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the engineering and technical management profession. The ASEM Academic Partnership allows ETM to provide free annual student memberships to 25 currently enrolled ETM students. As ASEM members, students will enjoy access to products and events that support engineering management coursework and practice and provide personal growth and networking opportunities including:

  • Electronic access to society publications:
    • A Guide to the Engineering Management Body of Knowledge (EMBoK)
    • The Engineering Management Handbook
    • Engineering Management Journal (EMJ)
    • International Annual Conference (IAC) Proceedings
    • Quarterly Practice Periodical
    • Monthly ASEM Newsletter
  • Reduced conference registration for the International Annual Conference
  • Discounted rate for Certified Associate in Engineering Management (CAEM)
  • Participation in society webinars from leading experts
  • Discounted Professional Membership rates post-graduation.

Visit the ASEM Membership webpages for complete details.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this free Student Membership as part of WSU’s Academic Partnership with ASEM, please send a request with your ETM advisor’s name and the target date for graduation via email to Angie Cornelius at with WSU2022 in the subject line.