E M 538 Lean Tools for Systems Improvement


This course teaches how to improve a system using lean tools for reducing waste, and the Theory of Constraints is used as a method to select which project that the lean principles are applied.


The objective of this class is to learn management principles for implementing lean tools for long-term system improvements.

Faculty Contactetm@wsu.edu
Semester Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
Location: Global Campus

Required for:
Certificate: Industrial Leadership
Selective for:
Certificate: Six Sigma Quality Management
Elective for:
Master’s Degree

Course meets at times posted via web conferencing software.


Lean principles: define value, map value stream, create flow, establish pull, pursuit perfection.

Upon satisfactory completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Learn and apply continuous improvement tools
  • Analyze material flow and facility layouts
  • Design cellular layouts
  • Calculate equipment efficiency using performance, quality, and availability
  • Learn how about applying Poka-Yokes
  • Conduct motion studies
  • Learn about maintenance
  • Reduce machine downtime using SMED
  • Environmental Improvements and the 5S Methodology


  • Continuous Improvement Tools
  • Material Flow and Facilities Layout
  • Design of Cellular Layouts
  • Equipment Efficiency

This course can be used to fulfill the following requirements:

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