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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Engineering and Technology Management

ETM and EMI partner to support lifelong learning for engineers

The Engineering and Technology Management (ETM) program is happy to partner with the Engineering Management Institute (EMI) in sponsoring The Engineering Career Coach (TECC) Podcast to support working engineers with their career pursuits. Lifelong learning is key to a successful engineering career and ETM and EMI provide professional development opportunities to help individuals reach their career goals. As part of the ETM-EMI partnership, Washington State University will host a webinar on September 29th at 12:00 pm (PST) titled “The Engineer’s Career Challenge: Master of Engineering and Technology Management or MBA?” 

The Podcast

The Engineering Career Coach Podcast provides career advice to engineers of all ages and experience levels. The host of the show, an engineer himself, Jeff Perry, interviews engineers ranging from recent engineering graduates to professionals from top engineering organizations on different career goals and challenges. Topics covered include but are not limited to job search, goal setting, finding a mentor, obtaining the right credentials, communication skills, public speaking, networking, organizational skills, productivity, leadership, and more.

The Engineer’s Career Challenge Webinar

New engineers are facing the question “Should I continue to develop my technical expertise, or prepare to move into management?” earlier and earlier in their careers. The Engineer’s Career Challenge: Master of Engineering and Technology Management or MBA? webinar, hosted by Todd Vanek, Director of the Engineering and Technology Management Program at Washington State University , and Jena Asgarpoor, Director of Engineering Management Program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, provided participants insights on the career challenge question by engaging two successful Engineering Managers in reflections back on their educational choices as part of their career development.  Clickhere to watch the recording of the webinar.  

The Engineering Managing Institute is a non-college-credit educational company that provides content, training and development programs to help engineering professionals become better managers and leaders. The content is delivered by engineers in a way that transfers smoothly back to the job. They don’t just learn about people or project management skills; they also improve these skills on the job.

The Engineering and Technology Management (ETM) Program at Washington State University was founded in 1982 and has used innovative online learning approaches to help over 700 individuals receive their Master’s Degree in Engineering and Technology Management while working full time. ETM Faculty has over 200 years of collective industry experience and focus on teaching concepts and skills that students can apply immediately.