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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Engineering and Technology Management

Make it in Washington Scholarship Program

**Notice: Tuition/scholarships end Fall 2017**

Admission Procedure

Before applying to WSU and the ETM program, please read the Qualifications and Requirements. Applying for admission to the ETM Certificate Program does not automatically result in admission to the ETM Master’s Degree Program.

I. Provide Required Documents

Send the following MiiW required documents to the ETM Facilitator:

  1. Transcripts
    Transcripts are required for the application review process. A copy of unofficial transcripts from every college and university that the applicant attended is acceptable for the application review process.

    Official transcripts are required for all applicants who have received final notice of admission from the Graduate School. Official transcripts are those mailed directly from the registrar of the institution attended; transcripts that are not mailed directly or sent electronically from the registrar are unofficial. The Graduate School will accept electronic transcripts from U.S. institutions via the official electronic transcript process of the registrar’s office of the institution at the following email address:

    All admitted applicants must submit one set of official transcripts from the following:

    • All accredited colleges or universities attended for any undergraduate coursework (including undergraduate coursework taken after the bachelor’s degree).
    • The accredited colleges or universities from which any bachelor’s degrees and/or graduate degrees have been granted or are expected.
    • The accredited colleges or universities showing any graded graduate level (including doctoral) coursework taken after the bachelor’s degree. Domestic applicants who attended institutions outside the United States or Canada should follow these directions. If you attended Washington State University, you do not need to submit transcripts from WSU these are available to the Graduate School.
  2. Résumé
    Summarize professional and academic history and accomplishments. If you have experience and a current position in an engineering or technological firm, please describe.
  3. Personal Statement
    A well-written four- to five-paragraph document describing educational and career goals and a statement on why you believe an education in engineering and technology management will benefit you.
  4. MiiW Employer/Employee Agreement Form
    Form can be found on the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board website.
  5. MiiW Education Plan
    The plan should be collaboratively developed by the employee and employer.
    » Download the Education Plan (PDF).

II. ETM will notify applicant of Scholarship award

III. Apply to Washington State University

Undergraduate: apply for admission to the Global Campus as a non-degree seeking undergraduate student ($25 application fee).
» Get started.

Graduate: apply for admission to the Graduate School ($75 application fee).
» Get started.

Graduate, late applicant: late applicants can start in the program through the Non-Degree Graduate Status option ($50 application fee) while waiting for final approval from the Graduate School; however, acceptance by ETM is required. See accelerated admission for more details.