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Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture Engineering and Technology Management

Project Management Graduate Certificate

There are always significant challenges when required to deliver a unique product, service, or other result in a given time and with limited resources. The application of project management techniques provides the best chance for success in such endeavors. The courses associated with this certificate provide students with the knowledge and tools necessary to plan, organize, sequence activities, logically schedule, manage and control projects, large and small. The courses introduce concepts in both the art and discipline of project management, including communication and leadership of technical people and the various approaches to schedule and resource controls, including PERT, CPM, and Critical Chain.

Career Benefits and Advancement

Many professionals have reported that this certificate has allowed them to advance in their careers as a project manager and as a technology manager. When completed you will be able to:

  • Apply the principles of project management to successfully manage various types of projects in manufacturing, research, and technology arenas.
  • Apply project management tools to monitor, evaluate, and control progress of activities to achieve successful project completion.
  • Organize and lead successful project teams.
  • Have an understanding of how to learn, analyze, and apply new/evolving techniques of project management in the future.

Certificate Requirements

Students must successfully complete four courses (12 credit hours). No prerequisites required. Course descriptions and syllabi can be found on the Individual Courses page.

  1. E M 564 Project Management *
  2. One of:
    1. E M 501 Management of Organizations
    2. E M 522 Leadership, Supervision, and Management
  3. E M 508 Legal Concepts for Engineering and Technical Managers **
  4. One of: ***
    1. E M 530 Applications of Constraints Management
    2. E M 568 Risk Assessment and Management

* E M 595 Project Management for Digital Transformations can satisfy the first requirement.

* Effective Fall 2020, E M 568 Risk Assessment and Management can substitute for E M 508 in the third requirement.

** Effective Fall 2020, either of E M 505, E M 508, or E M 570 can substitute for the fourth requirement.

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Minimum requirements for admission to the certificate program include:

  • a bachelor’s degree
  • 3.0 undergraduate GPA
  • a personal statement
  • a résumé

Because the certificates consist of regular graduate courses, admission to the graduate school is still necessary.

Learn more about admission to the program.